You are organizing a meeting, conference or training session and you have guests who speak French or Spanish.

 I am a trained conference interpreter and enjoy being your liaison between languages and cultures at your conferences, training sessions, business meetings, product launches or other professional engagements. 

I trained at Heriot-Watt University and benefited from an internship at the International Labour Office. I interpret from French and Spanish to English and also towards French and Spanish. I translate in simultaneous, consecutive, dialogue and chuchotage modes. Recent experience includes a four-day conference for the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation and shorter conferences and meetings on topics such as fisheries policy, demolition, road maintenance and planning and medical testing. I can easily adapt to your needs and the requirements of your event. For example, I have also worked as a face-to-face interpreter for business meetings (e.g. negotiations about whisky exports), accompanied politicians on fact-finding missions (e.g. delegations from Chile under the auspices of the British Council), have provided after-dinner votes of thanks in consecutive mode (WHO Conference, Berlin). I am happy to work to your guidelines but can also offer advice, if necessary, to ensure that clients are able to make the most of the services I provide. I am mobile and happy to negotiate terms and conditions so that I can work where is most convenient for you.