Proof-reading and editing

You have just written a paper to be considered for publication in an English-language academic journal (US, UK or other) but English is not your native language?

I offer a proof-reading and editing service whereby I edit your text to conform to appropriate academic guidelines (e.g. APA) and ensure that it reads clearly by using an appropriate academic register throughout. I can work closely with you to ensure that your arguments are presented to best effect. I have worked in a wide range of subject areas (e.g. hard sciences, sociology, psychology, linguistics, economics). My experience as an academic editor and author, and also as a tutor in academic writing, gives me skills that I can apply across a wide variety of subject disciplines to ensure that what you write conforms to the expectations of a given academic community. I also edit a range of texts written in non-native English for foreign ministries, museums and universities to ensure that the image projected by these texts is, as required, authoritative, appealing, easy to read - in short, fit for purpose.