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You would like, for example,  a press release, website, annual report, academic book to be translated accurately and appropriately into English.

I offer a translation service from most varieties of French and Spanish into a variety of English which is fit for purpose. I focus on your needs as my client and also, if relevant, those of the potential end-user of your text, which may be your customers, your target market or the media. For example, if your website aims to project a particular company image (e.g. luxury, professionalism, proactivity, creativity), I aim to mirror this image in my use of language.

I am happy to work to your house style guide and to your particular requirements. I can also give advice, when required, about translation strategies and text design.

I have a number of subject specialisms which I detail below. However, I do have advanced research skills and am willing to discuss subject areas which do not appear below. I also have a network of contacts, and should I feel that your proposal does not fall within my areas of expertise, I may be able to suggest an appropriate translator that you may contact.
  • international hospitality, providing, for example, translations of websites, company magazines, promotional literature, inspection reports for the luxury hotel trade and for brands of Champagne and luxury products. 
  • training and evaluation (I was quality assessor for Higher Education)
  • environment (e.g. logging, tailings dams, policy)
  • EU parliamentary debate
  • steel and metals
  • pediatrics and child development
  • equestrian
  • academic